How to Dye a Wig: Learn About The Best Methods, Products, and Expert Tips

If you enjoy trying out different haircuts and hair color trends, you are no stranger to cutting and coloring your hair.
How to Dye a Wig: Learn About The Best Methods, Products, and Expert Tips
How to Dye a Wig: Learn About The Best Methods, Products, and Expert Tips

Invest in a wig when your real hair is in dire need of rest, but your creativity won't allow it. Is this the only issue? However, they are not cheap at all. How to dye a wig at home without ruining it!

Celebrity stylist, human hair wigs, and hair extensions expert Sangita Hair, the creator of Bold Hold taught us everything you need to know about dying a wig. 

Here are all the tips, products, and tutorials you'll need to get started and achieve your goals.

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Can we dye a wig with regular hair dye?

As long as the wig is 100 percent real hair, the answer is yes. As if you were dying the hair on your head, you can use a simple depilatory hair dye. 

"Color-depositing" dye, often referred to as "semi-permanent" hair color is the easiest and most effective way for beginners to learn how to dye a wig, Sangita explains.

Adding color to blonde hair is easier enough for an amateur than trying to lighten a darker wig, Sangita notes. 

This means it's easier to dye a blonde canvas than it is to experiment with bleach, developers, and pigments on an already dark wig. If you are dyeing hair for the first time, use a temporary hair dye similar to the one listed below.

How can I color my wig without staining the lace?

Sangita suggests using an angled brush to keep the lace from staining, as well as spraying the interior of the wig with hairspray.
How can I color my wig without staining the lace?
How can I color my wig without staining the lace?

Instead of misting lightly, you want to coat the inside of the garment thoroughly and give it enough time to dry and set before dyeing. Another option is to treat the laces with hair gel and let them dry.

If you're using the watercolor method, which involves simply submerging the wig in a bucket of hot water mixed with just the dye, these tips will come in handy (the more dye you add to the water, the darker the color) Sangita recommends sprinkling sea salt into this approach to help prevent fading. 

If you wash off the color and remove the hairspray or hair gel, the hairspray or hair gel will not stain your lace.

Can I Dye Synthetic Hair Wigs?

When it comes to changing the color of a synthetic hair wigs that you currently have, there are a few things to consider. 

According to most experts, dyeing synthetic hair is a bad idea. Why? Because it's essentially plastic, and when you try to change the color of the plastic, strange things can happen. 

Can I Dye Synthetic Hair Wigs?
Can I Dye Synthetic Hair Wigs?

For best results, you can only deposit dye on synthetic fibers (such as temporary dyes, waxes, and even fabric dyes).

Human hair is excellent for dyeing wigs, as some dyes and bleaches will not work on synthetic hair. Try matching your hair color to a new wig instead.

How can I make a wig lighter?

If you've followed Sangita's advice and found a blonde wig, but it's still too yellow for you, she has a suggestion: 

Use warm water and a purple shampoo to wipe off some of the yellow wigs. can. For the most colorful effects, you want to start with a canvas that is as neutral as possible.

If, however, by "mild" you mean bleaching your hair, I encourage you to reconsider your position. 

You don't want to bleach your wig unless you're a professional or have a lot of hair coloring expertise. However, once bleaching begins, you have little or no control. \

For those who have never bleached their hair, Sangita recommends starting with a blonde wig and moving up from there. is that clear? 

This article will show you how to dye a wig quickly and easily, step-by-step.

How do you color a wig at home?
It is important to get rid of any yellowness: If needed, the yellow color can be removed from the base of the blonde wig. 
A slight yellow tint may not be necessary, but if the wig is excessively yellow, wash it with a purple shampoo and let it dry.

How do you color a wig at home?
How do you color a wig at home?
  • Test the Strands: You should always do a test before applying any type of color treatment, as wigs (even blonde ones) don't all have the same color. Always test the back of the hair to determine what you're working with.
  • Collect and apply the color: According to Sangita, if it's excessively runny, a whitening hair conditioner can be added to the color. Cover the narrow part in large, broad strokes so that there are no lines of demarcation. The brush should be gently pushed upwards to blend, but it should never be pressed once you reach the roots. When mixing the color-setting dye, Sangita suggests using a blush cosmetic brush to make sure you're not applying too much emphasis.
  • Wait a few minutes, then wash off: Wash off with cold water and condition after 30 to 40 minutes. Then, style and install your wig.
As for color, a wig uses semi-permanent hair dye on a blonde, human hair base, quickly and easily. You should avoid bleaching your hair unless you are an experienced professional or have a wig that you are willing to risk.

What kind of wigs do you usually buy and wear? Tell us about your experience.

What kind of wigs do you usually buy and wear? Tell us about your experience.
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