How To Blend Human Hair Extensions with Short Hair.

How To Blend Human Hair Extensions with Short Hair.
How To Blend Human Hair Extensions with Short Hair.

Short hair is great, but there are times when you want to show off your long hair that reaches all the way down your back. If you have short hair, hair extensions can be used to increase length and thickness, depending on the type of human hair extension you choose. 

Aside from that, colored short hair wigs are available. In this manner, you may experiment while avoiding harm to your hair.

Hair extensions come in a number of styles, but Halo Couture hair extensions, particularly their clip-in hair extensions, are the ideal choice for short hair. 

Choose the ones that appeal to you the most, then style them according to your preferences. Hair extensions can be used to hide various hair development phases. Similarly, short hair wigs may be used to show off short haircuts.

There are a few things to bear in mind when utilizing hair extensions. Your hair must be at least 4 or 3 inches long since these hair extensions are normally fastened to your natural hair using clips that are thicker than the extensions. 

As a result, if your hair is less than 3 or 4 inches long, the clips will show through. Your hair must be longer than 4 inches to fully cover the clips; otherwise, it will be more difficult to blend in if it is shorter.

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Which are the best extensions for short hair?

Of course, Mithu Brother's hair extensions! Make sure your hair is at least 4-6 inches long to ensure that your clip-in hair extensions are undetectable. 

We offer clip-in sets with double weft and triple weft hair extensions, allowing for super thick rows all the way to the ends. 

For both short and long hair, as long as there is the same amount of hair at the bottom as the top, the overall look will be natural. 

You can see that with other brands, the rows of extensions are fairly obvious because there isn't enough hair at the ends, but with Mithu Brothers, 9 pieces are placed evenly throughout your hair to prolong the thickness.

Which style will blend my extensions most effectively?

Below are some examples of the mithu brothers' hair extensions with different styling options.

  • Straight Hair: 

If you're wondering how to blend hair extensions, straight hair can be daring. However, if you have fine natural hair or have frizzy ends, this style can be incredibly soft and always on trend!

  • Curly Hair: 

When you wear hair extensions, curling the hair extensions with your natural hair should help hide those thick ends. Curly is the style of choice when people ask me how to hide my extensions, and it's the first thing that comes to mind.

  • Big Waves: 

Here at ZALA, we love big waves. This style is great for medium-length hair to blend with waves in one smooth motion; This is a classic design that can provide that finishing touch to your clothes.

  • Ponytail: 

I'm sure you're envious of those long, full ponytails, whether you have short hair, medium hair, or you already have long hair, but this is great! Hair extensions are a great way to create a great high or low ponytail that blends in perfectly. 

A sleek and high-fashion low ponytail looks great when straight, and a gorgeous bouncy high ponytail looks adorable with some soft curls. 

You can be sure that once you've created a ponytail with extensions, you'll never have to worry about combing hair extensions out of order!

Hair extensions should match the color of your short hair.

Pair your hair extensions with your short ponytail.

The hair extension color you choose should perfectly match your natural short hair, meaning it should be a perfect match for your hair. 

Avoid using extensions longer than 20 inches, because the greater the gap between natural hair and the extensions, the more difficult it is to blend them together.

If your hair is two-tone, you can solve the problem with a simple process that involves combing and blending your hair extensions with your natural hair. 

To achieve this you have to use short hair extensions of two different colors and blend them gently with your hair. 

To create a mixed look that best matches one color set, stack two sets of extensions on top of each other.

Hair extensions should match the color of your short hair.
Hair extensions should match the color of your short hair.

Below is a simple process to transform your short haircut into long, sleek, and thick hair while maintaining a natural look.

  • Step 1: Choose a Small Extension

Short hair extensions blend very well with short hair.

Short hair extensions look great with short hair. If you have very short hair, use 16 to 18-inch extensions or go for shorter extensions. You can choose to cut your hair extensions yourself or have a professional do it for you if they grow longer than expected.

  • Step 2: Work with the Pattern

short hair weigh

Use one or two weights for ease of styling; If you want to add volume and length, use additional frames; This will prevent the clip from being displayed.

  • Step 3: Use long extensions

Use thick extensions for thick hair.

Thick hair extensions are the best option if you have blunt hair. If your hair isn't thinning, it will be difficult to blend in fine hair extensions, so thick hair extensions will help you achieve a more natural look. When determining if your hair is thick enough, compare it to your natural hair.

  • Step 4: Choose between human and synthetic hair.

Make a wise decision about which hair extension to use.

You can use any hair type, but human hair is best. They are more expensive than synthetic hair, but well worth it because they can be dyed and heat styled. 

Halo Couture Hair Extensions are made from high-quality human hair and provide the most realistic look. You can get the hair of your dreams by using her short hair wig or her famous extensions.

  • Step 5: Choose a hair extension color that matches your hair, twinning is easy with the right hair color extensions.

You should wear hair extensions in the same way as your original short hair. This way, you will be able to achieve the natural look you want. It's even better if you use human hair extensions, and you can dye your hair to match your extensions or add color to match your natural hair shade. Consider using an ombre set of extensions if the ends of your hair are different from the rest of your hair.

  • Step 6: Cleaning Your Hair.

Before use, wash and condition hair extensions.

Cleanse your hair by washing and conditioning it before applying for your hair extensions.

  • Step 7: Part the middle of your upper hair.

Make a section at the top of your hair.

If your hair is too short to hold with the headband, pull the top half of your hair up. If your hair is too short to tie to a headband, you should use clips. Clips will be inserted between the lower and upper sections of the hair.

  • Step 8: Use a comb to stroke your short hair.

Shake your hair to get the ideal combination.

Using a comb or brush, move your short hair where you want to cut the extensions. This will automatically form a shelf, allowing the trimmed extensions to stay in place more firmly. As long as your hair completely covers the extensions, they can be placed anywhere on your head. 

If you're going to be using multiple weights, it's best to use extensions on the sides, but if you're only going to be using one, it's essential to keep the extensions completely on the back of the head. Spray hairspray on the newly constructed shelf to give it extra hold.

  • Step 9: Clip-in the Extensions.

Make sure the extensions are in the proper place by trimming them.

Hold the clips as you transfer them to the shelf you made, making sure the extensions are secure before taking the clips off. 

Take a look in your mirror to see if your short, natural hair and extensions blend in well. For more permanent extensions, ask a hairdresser about micro-bond or tape hair extensions.

  • Step 10: Straighten your hair to mix it up.

For a perfect integration, straighten the hair extension.

Your hair will undoubtedly or at least look different from extensions because of the texture of the extensions. Straightening or curling extensions while they are still attached to your head with a flat iron or curling iron will blend them.

  • Step 11: Use Glowing Serum

For a smooth glow, use a serum and blend it. This is especially useful if you have chosen synthetic hair over human hair because synthetic hair is usually more voluminous. Apply it to your hair and style it to look like fake extensions.

  • Step 12: Trim the Extensions to Make Them Look Better

Trim for a more natural look. Trim the ends of extensions if they are dull and look unnatural. To give the hair extension a natural look, hold the ends of the hair extension vertically and cut it with scissors.

Why are my extensions not merging?

Why are my extensions not merging?
Why are my extensions not merging?

Your human hair extensions may not be merged for various reasons. One of the most important things we tell our customers is that everyone's hair type and cut is different. 

While some clients can take their looks out of the box and make them look great, others may need to put in a little extra effort to properly customize their outfits to match their hair. 

For example, if your hair has a lot of layers, you will almost certainly need to layer your extensions to match those layers.

What else could be the reason for your extensions not blending?

Your hair type necessitates the purchase of the wrong weight. Do you want to know how to choose the best outfit for you? Take a look at this useful article.

For the length of your hair, the wrong weight was purchased.

You have a different hairstyle, such as a lob or a blunt cut. What can I do to help integrate them more effectively?


If you follow these guidelines, you will get a natural blend. Add length and volume to short hair with Halo Couture extensions for the perfect look. 

Hair extensions abound in the hair market, so you can get the ideal blend in minutes. So far, all the reviews of Halo Haute Couture Hair Extensions have been good. 

So what are you really waiting for? As stated above, try these tricks and see for yourself. 

Get the ideal combination of hair extensions for your short hair and make your short haircut grow like never before!

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