How to Wash Synthetic Hair – 7 Easy Steps.

Would you like to know how to wash synthetic hair? Here we give 7 effective steps which will help you to know how can wash your synthetic hair wig.

How to Wash Synthetic Hair – 7 Easy Steps.
How to Wash Synthetic Hair – 7 Easy Steps.

Hair loss apparently can have a significant impact on our personality and psyche. 

Hair is not only an extension on our head but is a part of our Would you like to know how to wash synthetic hair? Here we give 7 effective steps which will help you to know how can wash your synthetic wig.

According to research, hair loss has a great impact on our personality and mindset. Hair is not just an extension of our head, it also expresses our personality. It not only helps us to look beautiful to others but also to ourselves.

This has a significant and beneficial effect on our own image. 

Our hair loss can occur as a result of imbalances in our sleeping and eating habits, hereditary or physical disorders, or stress. It has become a frequent problem in most of our lives.

There are some effective remedies for this condition, which include hormone therapy, hair transplantation, wearing a synthetic wig, and others. 

The safest and easiest way is to wear a synthetic wig without any adverse effects. 

Synthetic wigs are loved by everyone. The best thing about these synthetic or fake wigs is that they require very little care and maintenance. 

It allows you to have luxurious hair all day long without doing anything.

Wigs make you feel really confident, silky, and beautiful. The synthetic hair in the neck area starts looking frizzy after a few days and the cap feels greasy. 

This requires washing a synthetic wig. Taking care of your synthetic wig is not easy. You must properly care for it to extend the overall life of your wig and get the most out of it.

Problems arise when you don't know basic information, like how to wash synthetic hair or a wig.

How often should a synthetic hair wig be washed?

How often you wear your wig determines how often you should wash it. You should wash a synthetic hair wig at least once a week if you wear it every day. 

Generally, you should wash it off every 15-20 uses, which is about 2-3 weeks. However, if you regularly put on a lot of makeup or wear it every day, you should wash it more often.

If you live in a hot and humid area or are exposed to strong odors, perfumes, or heavy smoke, you should wash your wigs frequently.

We'll cover everything you need to know about washing synthetic hair and tips to keep in mind when washing a wig in this comprehensive tutorial.

How to wash synthetic hair in seven easy steps:

  • Gather all the necessary items.

When it comes to cleaning synthetic hair wigs, you'll need the right tools and materials. To have a successful washing experience you will need the following items:

  1. a wig brush or comb
  2. Fill a sink or basin with cold water.
  3. Wig Shampoo and Conditioner Wig Holder You can use African Essence Wig Shampoo to clean and remove excess oil and dirt from synthetic hair. This will help restore the wig's natural appearance, softness, and shine. 
  4. a clean towel.
  • Get rid of entanglements

Before you start washing a synthetic wig, make sure that there are no knots in it. Brush your wig lightly with a wig comb to remove knots. 

Brush the synthetic hair in small pieces from top to bottom for easy removal of knots or tangles.

Never use force to untie tough knots. The wig cap will be damaged and the hair fibers will be pulled out if you are too rough with tangles.

  • Let it soak

Fill the basin or sink with cold water at this point. Add one or two teaspoons of shampoo to the water and mix well so that the shampoo dissolves completely. 

Completely submerge the wig in water for 4-5 minutes. Let the wig soak in instead of scratching it. Handle the wig gently to avoid getting tangled in the hair.

  • Drain the water

Remove your wig from the water after soaking it for five minutes. It is suggested that you gently swirl the wig in the water.

Go over the edges of the wig cap with your fingers. Pay attention to areas of the hat that have makeup stains, sweat, or dirt. Be sure to massage it in carefully to avoid loosening the hand-tied threads.

  • Finish With a Rinse

Wash your wig in cold water until it is completely shampoo-free. Squeeze as much water out of the synthetic wig as possible.

  • Apply Conditioner

After thoroughly cleaning your wig with water, condition the synthetic hair to restore the wig's original shape and pattern. The wig will last longer and look new if you treat it with a synthetic wig conditioner.

The conditioner was specially formulated with blended oils to help bring dynamism and shine to hair fibers while softening dryness.

Take some conditioner on your fingers and gently massage it into the hair. 

Do not use conditioner on the wig cap. Alternatively, you can use cold water and a teaspoon or two of conditioner. Half fill a spray container with this new solution and shake well. 

The conditioner solution should be sprayed onto the hair fibers. Wash your wig one more time with cold water.

  • Allow the wig to air dry completely.

Try to be careful when your wig is wet. Squeezing or washing excess water from the wig can tighten the hair fibers and spoil the look. When synthetic hair is wet, never try to comb it through as this will pull the hair out of the wig cap.

Lay the wig on a towel and wipe off the excess water. Allow the wig to dry at room temperature by hanging it freely from the wig stand.

Place the wig on the mannequin head or dummy head to avoid pulling on the wig cap and making it unsuitable for your head. It is not recommended that you use a hairdryer to dry your wig. Air drying is the best way to ensure tangle-free, healthy-looking fibers.

Keep these tips in mind if you want healthy-looking locks:

  1. When the wig is wet, never comb or brush it.
  2. Use shampoos and conditioners made specifically for synthetic wigs.
  3. The heat-resistant fiber hair in the wig will be damaged if washed in hot water.
  4. On your synthetic locks, never use a hairdryer. The fibers will be damaged by sudden bursts of heat.
  5. While wearing a synthetic wig, avoid participating in activities such as swimming, bathing, or sleeping.
  6. Wigs should not be washed daily.
  7. If you're wearing a wig with curly hair, wash it in a hairnet to prevent frizz.
  8. To prevent the wig cap from being pulled, gently place it on the wig stand or hanger.
  9. To remove knots or tangles from a wig, simply use a wig comb or wig brush.
  10. When wearing a synthetic wig, avoid using heated styling products, such as a curling iron or flat iron. If you are going to use it, make sure it is set to the lowest setting.
  11. After washing, do not brush or rub synthetic hair. To remove excess water, pat it dry with a clean towel.
  12. Keep your hair clean to extend the life of your synthetic wig.


You can take good care of your synthetic wig strands and make them look amazing by following the methods and tips shown above.

Although synthetic wigs or synthetic hair extensions will never look as natural as human hair, taking proper care of them will help them last longer and look more natural.

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