Keep these 5 things in mind before spending on natural hair extensions, light hair will look thick.

 Keep these 5 things in mind before spending on natural hair extensions, light hair will look thick.

If you have less hair on your head and want to take hair extensions to hide it, then definitely take care of some special things. Clip-ins are the most popular hair extension.

Hair fall or baldness is a common problem today. There are many types of chemicals in hair products. These chemicals damage the hair, which leads to less hair on the scalp. 

Due to this there is a lot of trouble in making hairstyles during the wedding or party.

Due to less hair on the head, the beauty of the face also decreases. To avoid this, women are using hair extensions. Nowadays it is in fashion and is becoming quite popular among women. 

The specialty of hair extensions is that no matter how much chemical you use, there will be no effect on your natural hair. There are a few things you should keep in mind before spending on hair extensions.

📑Table Of Content:

1. Check all types of extensions.

2. Take care of color.

3. Don't compromise on quality.

4. Buy new products.

5. Personalize Extensions.

Check all types of extensions.

Clip-ins are the most popular hair extension. It is easy to put on, take off, clean and maintain. 

But apart from this hot/cold bond, tape-in, sew-in and glue-in extensions are also present in the market. 

Tape extensions are the most preferred after clip-ins. Use hair extensions as per your need.

Take care of color.

Pay special attention to colors when buying hair extensions. Light shade extensions will look fake if you have dark hair. Choose an extension for yourself whose root and end match your hair.

Don't compromise on quality.

Synthetic extensions are very cheap. But they get tangled very quickly and come out of the clip. Apart from this, the brightness is also very high in it, which looks fake. 

There are also non-remy hair extensions available in the market. This is natural hair but looks very dry. They cannot be used daily. So always buy good quality extensions.

Buy new products.

If you want permanent extensions, you may need to buy new hair care products. In fact, it is not your own hair and reacts differently to cleaning or styling. 

So use a sulfate-free, non-striping shampoo as well as a moisturizing conditioner. Along with this, you will also need a different type of comb.

Personalize Extensions.

Generally everyone wants to buy expensive and good quality extensions. But it doesn't suit for several reasons. 

Then you can personalize it. If your hair is curly and the extension is straight, heat the iron to curl it slightly and match the tempo of your original hair. This will make your extension look more natural.

Extensions are in great fashion to create beautiful hairstyles. If you have less hair on your head or have a problem of baldness, then of course use extensions.

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