Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for You.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for You.
Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for You.

If you have now discovered the wonders of hair extensions, you may have a lot of questions. One of the most important things is the distance you have to cover. 

Best Hair extensions are available in different lengths and styles, which can be a daunting task.

You need to consider how the human hair extensions will fall out and sit against your body, but despite the different shapes and sizes, this can also be tricky. 

In other words, hair extensions aren't a one-size-fits-all product: 20-inch hair extensions may make you look tall, but they're the perfect length for your friend.

Your current hair length and type are also important as your hair will act as the foundation for your extensions. 

Long hair has different requirements than thick hair, and thin hair can be harder to manage, requiring specialized equipment and the purchase of high-quality extensions.

Before you go out and buy random synthetic hair extensions, keep in mind that a little knowledge goes a long way. Here's a simple reference guide for you:

📑Table Of Content:

1. How long do you plan to keep the extension?

2. How to Decide Which Human Hair Extensions Are Right for You:

3. How to choose the right length of hair extension.

4. How does the length of the hair extension affect the price?

5. Conclusion:

How long do you plan to keep the extension?

How long do you plan to keep the extension?
How long do you plan to keep the extension?

The first consideration is whether the extension should be permanent or removable. Clip-in hair extensions are the minimal permanent type. In fact, you clip them like a hairstyle. 

These extensions can be formatted, but must be removed regularly. This product will last for 3-6 months if maintained properly and used regularly. However, if you use extensions from time to time, they will last longer.

Tape-in ​​hair extensions are a great option if you want something that will last longer, you only need to use it once. They last up to 8 weeks after use. 

Depending on the growth rate of your natural hair, you can reuse them at that time. When placed properly, these real extensions will look natural. As a result, this form of treatment should only be received at a professional reception.

It should be noted that some types of tape hair extensions require the adhesive to use heat to stick to your hair. This method is very dangerous for your natural hair. You need to be careful while washing your hair to avoid damaging the glued areas of the extensions.

Weaving or sewing is another type of "permanent" natural extension. This type can last up to 8 weeks as you need to remove and reapply it to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible. 

Tissue should not be left in place for more than 4 months at a time. This can adversely affect the normal growth of your hair and cause irreversible damage.

Small sections of hair are physically sewn into your natural locks using stitch extensions. As a result, they are more natural, but they put pressure on the roots. As a result, your hair will need more moisture and more care.

Micro links (Micro bit) and pre-braided real extensions are still "permanent" solutions. Their shelf life is 3-4 months. They are more expensive and take longer to implement. However, they give you a more natural look.

How to Decide Which Hair Extensions Are Right for You:

How to Decide Which Hair Extensions Are Right for You:
How to Decide Which Hair Extensions Are Right for You:

Hair transformation has gone to a whole new level as it introduced natural hair extensions in the market. There is no need to go to salons every week to have the latest trend in tresses on hairstyles for women. It basically makes you your very OWN stylist.

1. Ask before you explore

Before you delve into the world of hair extensions, makes sure that you ask the pros first. Your chosen stylist will let you know which method can be most convenient for your lifestyle, and how you can get that winning look with the different kinds of hair wigs and extensions available.

2. Genuine is important

So you are ready to try out the newest hairstyles? Wait, you still have to examine those hair extensions. In choosing the right real hair extension, make sure that it is not synthetic but is manufactured with real human hair. 

The importance of this goes along with the quality since human hair is stronger, more durable and more resistant to wear and tear unlike the synthetic one which cracks down when heated.

3. Time to shine

Now is the moment for you to try and choose among your favorite weave hairstyles. There are wide arrays of hair wigs or extensions you can choose from. It all depends on your preference! 

One is Remy, these hair wigs or extensions are made of finest grade of human hair. It is frequently the desired choice of hairstyles for women. It has stable cuticles which results to a tangle-free natural looking hair. 

Another choice is the seamless hair extensions; this gives you a wonderful blending which makes your weave hairstyle very natural looking. The last one is the virgin hair extensions. 

These are taken from a single donor and have never undergone any treatment, color, or process. It is very clean so you have to make sure that before you install these, your very own hair is free from dirt.

4. Handle with care

Hair wigs or extensions may be your best friend for the longest time if you take care of it well. You can put color on it, treat it, brush it, but remember to use high quality and gentle products when cleaning it. Also make sure that it is air dried.

These artificial hair extensions are fun to have and a great way to add length, volume and color without the wear and tear of your natural hair.

How to choose the right length of hair extension.

How to choose the right length of hair extension.
How to choose the right length of hair extension.

As a general guideline, it is recommended that you do not use hair extensions that are much longer than your natural hair length. Barbers recommend hair no more than 3" to 4" longer than regular hair. However, it depends on your preferences.

Also, if your regular hair length is 4" to 5" inches, it will help to hide and blend the extensions into your hair. At the same time, hair extensions for short hair, especially hair clips, can look artificial if you have short hair.

16" hair length

If your regular hair length is 16". , so different human hair can be nailed, tap-in, eye-dip, cut. Extensions are available, including machine weights and hand tight weights.

18" hair length

If your regular hair length is 18 inches, your hair will fall below your shoulders.

20" hair length

If your regular hair length is 20", it should come down to the center of your back. However, if you want your hair to grow to 20", stylists provide various human hair enhancements such as nail tips, tape and eye . Knitting tip, machine knitting and hand knitting.

22" hair length

If your hair length is regular 22", your hair should come down the middle of the back. If you want to grow your hair up to 22", you can use any of the nail tips, tape-in, eye-tip Can choose, - in. , and mechanical weft extensions.

How does the length of the hair extension affect the price?

How does the length of the hair extension affect the price?
How does the length of the hair extension affect the price?

Magnification length usually has an effect on cost. You may need to buy human hair extensions from time to time, but you don't know whether to buy 16 or 14 inches, for example. 

Naturally, the 16-inch model is $124 and the 14-inch model is $108. This has an effect of only $16. If you have the money, it is better to go for the 16-inch model as it is more prone to error.

If you wear it and find that it is longer than you expected, you can easily shorten it to your desired length. 

Instead of trying to recover, they sink into their misery and, thus, experience greater failure. This is the best option as it guarantees you that when you don't know the look you want.


We all love long and wavy hair, but it is not in our cards or we are not ready to expect it. Extensions are the answer. 

You may not have considered them before, but they have recently become safer and cheaper due to advances in the hair care business. If you're considering adding something to your mane, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. 

There are many options at your local hair or beauty store, but not all are created equal. Consider your budget, the durability you want and the option you want to fit in dyeing and thermal styling.

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