Baldness Disappearing From Hair Patches of Real Hair.

Baldness Disappearing From Hair Patches of Real Hair.
Baldness Disappearing From Hair Patches of Real Hair.

Sangita Hair, Mumbai. Thousands of people in the country are concerned about hair loss at all hours of the day and night. They are unable to bear the cost of hair transplant. 

In such a situation, the hair donated in Tirupati Balaji is removing the baldness of the people. 
The treatment of baldness was discussed in the International Conference of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), which started on Thursday. 

Organizing Secretary Delhi's Dr. Lokesh Kumar told that hair transplant for baldness is expensive. In such a situation, hair patches worth 25 to 30 thousand are being installed. 

Earlier hair patches were made from synthetic hair fiber of nylon, now real hair is used. Companies are buying these original hair from Tirupati Balaji temple administration. 

After processing the hair, it is fixed by machine on the net cloth. A hair patch of that size is made in the area where there is baldness on the head. 

It is stuck on the head where there is no hair with a special type of glue. It looks just like normal hair. Doesn't feel like a wig is on. Even after bathing, there is no effect on the hair patch.

Service every month: Hair patch service is done every month. At the clinic, it is removed and cleaned of the head and glued again with glue. Similarly, they are cleaned every month. They work for a year.

Demand abroad also: The hair donated in Tirupati Balaji is also in demand abroad. The hair patches being prepared from it are being used abroad. 

Told from Dr. Klaus of German that a new method of hair transplant has arrived. In this, the hair follicle is removed from the machine. 3500 hairs are planted in seven to eight hours.
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